MobileMusiCon is Back!

Since we held the first MobileMusicCon in 2003, the world has changed a lot.

Back then, it was all about ringtones, SMS campaigns and how paying $2.99 for a snippet of a song that cost $.99 cents was going to save the music industry.

As we all know, that didn’t happen.  What did happen was even better.

Mobile has become the fulcrum of how music, engagement, bands and brands converge, connect and do business.

And that’s why we’re bringing back MobileMusiCon…

MobileMusiCon, taking place October 3-4 in San Francisco, Califormia, is the place for anyone in—or looking to get into—the mobile music market to network. Make deals and discover the newest technologies, applications, content, services and players in the industry. MobileMusiCon will address such vital issues to companies in the mobile music industry as:

  • What mobile music content and services do consumers really want?
  • What is the mobile music consumer willing to pay?
  • What are the most promising new mobile music revenue streams?
  • What are the typical business deals and relationships?
  • How does the revenue for mobile music services get divided between publishers, labels, carriers, technologists, managers and finally the artist?
  • Who are the current and coming major players in the mobile music market and what are their businesses and business practices?
  • What are the best marketing and promotional vehicles for mobile music services?
  • How can mobile be used as a fulcrum to promote and sell brands and artists?
  • What are the new technologies, services and applications of real potential for the mobile music market?
  • What are the potential pitfalls for companies in mobile music and the industry as a whole?

Why You Should Come to MobileMusiCon

MobileMusiCon will bring together more than 400 music, carrier, handset and technology executives to a focused discussion of the challenges, opportunities, models for success and solutions for the successful development and growth of music-based mobile entertainment and services.

Featuring key executives from mobile carriers, labels, talent management agencies, technologists, solution providers and artists, MobileMusiCon is the only event of its kind solely focused on the challenges and opportunities for music industry executives seeking to maximize the potential of the mobile market.

Providing your business with access to the executives and resources necessary to capitalize on the potential of the mobile market today and assure future success as the market grows, MobileMusiCon features:

  • Keynote Discussions.  Intimate, high-level discussions between participants and mobile industry leaders, on the state of the mobile market, the potential to create new revenue, business models and strategy.
  • Solution Presentations. Innovative companies developing mobile content and application solutions will present products and services in an interactive format, allowing participants to discover new techniques and tools to bring your product to market.
  • Mobile Music Focus Group: A cross section of mobile music users ranging in ages and socioeconomic levels will give their opinions on new mobile music services, content, costs, devices and interact with attendees in a QA format.
  • Industry Roundtables.  Carrier, label, publisher, handset and management executives and participants will discuss ways to successfully bring new content and applications to market, and methods to grow the mobile industry as a whole.
  • Mobile Music Exhibit Hall.  Carriers, technologists, terminal manufactures and solution providers will display their newest handsets, services, applications and tools for participants to view, test and learn how they can benefit their mobile business.
  • The Third Annual Mobile Music Awards: The Mobile Music awards are a showcase for the best technologies, talent, content, campaigns, artists and companies in the industry as judged by a panel of leading industry experts.
  • Mobile Music Festival:  An all-night after-party featuring showcase artists, DJs and a display mobile technologies and services.

Be Part of The Mobile Music Conference

Tickets for the event are available available for the price of $395 – a full $600 off the standard $995 rate— until March 31, 2017.

To register for MobileMusiCon, please click here.

We sincerely hope that you join us at what will be an event of vital importance for any labels, artists, management companies, publishers, carriers, technologists and anyone doing business in the mobile music market.


Mark Frieser
Founder, MobileMusicCon

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